"ZURI" - BRIDAL 2023

AUGUST 2023 : ‘Zuri’ translates to ‘beautiful’ and that is the true essence of this collection, real, raw, stunning beauty. There is beauty in every element, from the fabrics selected to create this collection to the embroideries and cuts of the ensembles. This collection is at the helm of the Bridal season, to welcome a time when trends take shape. The insight over a period of time has been that the modern bride is steering towards softer, more sublime and neutral palettes. Ensembles are as embellished as before but in more demure shades and hues. The brides of today want to look fresh and keep the focus on them and their celebrations, they don’t want ostentatious attires to overwhelm the occasion.

Zuri as a collection is a tribute to changing trends in Bridal couture. With beautiful shades of ivories, champagnes, silvers, putters, and golds, each piece is sweet respite for the eyes. The workmanship remains intricate and delicate with heavy accents of crystals and pearl drops and fully embroidered dupattas to create a dramatic drape. Besides signature lehengas this collection also features formal shararas. The shararas are with straight fitted shirts with high low jackets to add more drama to the outfit. Each ensemble showcases classic Seema Gujral elements like floral three-dimensional embroidery using sequins and crystals, playful pearl drops, tassels and scalloped borders accentuating the sheer brilliance of the garment. This collection is for the bride of the upcoming wedding season, with ensembles for every occasion of this momentous event.

Couturier Seema Gujral says “Zuri is an ode to timeless elegance and the celebration of true beauty. My vision for this collection was to craft ensembles that embrace the essence of every modern bride's uniqueness and individuality. Through intricate craftsmanship and delicate details, we have curated pieces that resonate with the bride's desire to shine on her special day without overshadowing the joyous occasion itself. Zuri speaks to the soul of every bride-to-be, offering a range of exquisite shades and enchanting designs that capture the magic of this momentous event.”  

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