DECEMBER 2023: In a mesmerizing tale of sartorial evolution, Seema Gujral unveils "Kashish - The Saree Edit," a collection seamlessly intertwining the rich tapestry of tradition with the magnetic allure of modern fashion.

In a palette that pays homage to the brand's signature style, the collection embraces timeless ivories, antique metallics and black. A vibrant pop of red adds a touch of drama to the curated color scheme. The fabrics employed in this collection range from soft tulles to ethereal tissue organza and luxurious pure silk georgettes. These carefully chosen materials form the canvas for an intricate embroidery play that includes thread, pearl, sequin, beads, mirrors, and other elements intrinsic to Seema Gujral's distinctive aesthetic.

Breaking new ground, the collection introduces a range of pre-stitched ensembles with strappy blouses. For added flair, an optional matching jacket completes each ensemble, providing a seamless transition from traditional to contemporary chic. "Kashish - The Saree Edit" stands as a testament to the designer's commitment to making traditional attire not only visually appealing but also effortlessly wearable.

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